Jordan Miller

Junior field manager

Hi, I'm one of the longest standing fundraisers in MDM, I have been here since the beginning April 2017. MDM has been like my second family away from home, through hard work and dedication I've managed to work my way up to trainee field manager. With great culture and extensive support, the opportunity for growth here is unlimited. If you want to learn a skill-set which is transferable into anything you do in life, MDM Solutions is the place be! 

Behind the scenes


Matthew Davis

Managing Director

I started MDM Solutions in April 2017 after 9 years in the industry, but my journey begins back in 2010 when I arrived in Australia on a working holiday visa. I began to work as a roaming fundraiser and fell in love with the industry. I quickly moved up the ranks and soon became a national campaign manager for the face to face programme in the shopping centres.  I feel very blessed for the opportunities I was given, and all my hard work paid off. I am happy to say I took the plunge to branch out and set up my own business which I have built from the ground up. This would have not been possible without each individual who has worked at MDM at one stage or another from the agents on the field to the office staff. Truly thankful for everyone’s dedication and am lucky to call you guys my friends.


Lauren O'Callaghan

Operations & Recruitment Manager

I have been in the industry since landing in Australia back in June 2014. I have worked in many different roles, with many different clients.  I began my journey with MDM Solutions in May 2017 and since then I have watched the business grow from strength to strength.  I have been given the opportunity to manage a multitude of departments and projects. My favourite aspect of working for MDM Solutions is the people! I work closely with both the front and back end of the business and I can truly say these people are my home away from home.  I’m super excited for what the future holds for everyone at MDM.